The Myths of Confronting Fascism in Spain

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Mon Apr 28 19:08:27 MDT 2003

Chris Brady wrote:
> what an insulting windbag.
I think you need to refute it point by point if you wish to be

Henry C.K. Liu

Of course you are correct, Henry.
I was only making a categorical observation of a communication
characterized more by bombast than by any sincere effort to enlighten
comrades on the list. I mean, how to take seriously an individual who
tosses off jibes about how stupid people are with nothing to go by
except that they are targets of  ideological antagonists, and then to
compound the confounded with factual inaccuracies such as  "Who did the
Republic hire to crush the Asturian Miner's rebellion in 1934?

Yoiks!  Where do you start?  Hire?  Franco was a soldier under orders at
that point.  And WHICH Republic?  The Black or the Red?

There had been a struggle in Spain between popular forces and the elite
for some time, that only heightened after the loss of Spain's colonies
to the new imperial power of the USA.  The elected government had
switched hands back and forth, from the "black" right to the "red"
left.  During the "black biennium" strikes broke out in the mines of
Asturias.  The reactionary government in power sent Moorish troops under
Generalisimo Franco to viciously crush the strikes.  They killed many
miners and jailed the rest.

A different, "red" Republican government came to power in spite of or
because of such excesses.  To imply that since both were *Republican*
governments and therefore the red Republican government was responsible
for Franco's Asturian slaughter is somewhat disengenuous, wot, old chap?

It is clear that comrade Gupta's polemical tirades appeal to a certain
element that have expressed shibboleths of their prefered associations
on some occassions.  I was pleased to witness how swiftly they
predictably flew to his defense.  Comradeship is a beautiful thing.  But
I agree with Louis, and will henceforth stifle mysef on the predicament
that would ensue if I were able to summon the courage and somehow
conjure up the wits to debate.  All may stow away boilerplate
denunciations for a more propitious circumstance.


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