ATTAC in Germany, Poland and Australia (Re: Comment to Johannes Schneider concerning the Anti-Deutschen)

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Fri Aug 1 01:04:12 MDT 2003

Tom O'Lincoln wrote:

> Of course the German comrades are right to concentrate on attacking German
> arrogance. I did however find myself thinking about this passage in the
> Polish Attac statement (translation below)
> »Die Konzepte von Vaterland, Staat, Nation und vor allem Patriotismus sind
> bedroht ... Wir erklären, daß die Verteidigung der ökonomischen und
> politischen Souveränität von Polen eine notwendige Bedingung für die
> Mitgliedschaft in unserer Assoziation ist ... Wir betonen, daß ATTAC eine
> polnische Vereinigung ist, die zuerst polnische Interessen, die
> Souveränität von Entscheidungen der polnischen Gesellschaft, polnische
> Kultur und Tradition und genauso wie polnischen Besitz verteidigen will.«
> "The concepts of fatherland, state, nation and above all patriotism are
> under threat...We declare that defending Poland's economic and political
> sovereignty is a necessary condition for membership in our Association. We
> emphasize, that Attack is a Polish association, which wants to first of
> defend Polish interests, the sovereignty of decisions of Polish society,
> Polish culture and tradition..."


thanks a lot for translating that passage.

> If an Australian version of Attac took such a stance, it would mean
> excluding me, because I don't defend "Australian sovereignty" for a

I agree with you, and that is why I am critical of (German) ATTAC. The
mainstream there will certainly put it in nicer words than their Polish
brethren, but at the core they think they have to defend Germany (whatever
this might mean) against the attacks of a world market dominated by the US.

But there is are obvious differences between Poland and Germany: Poland is
certainly not an imperialist power like Germany or Australia, but in many
ways dependant on Germany. To investigate in such a situation as Germans the
Poles for alleged nationalism is sort of weird. It at least borders at
beeing the inconcous policemen of German imperialism trying to control


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