further on Stan Goff

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Fri Aug 1 08:06:44 MDT 2003

Daru Rateau writes in summary (1) "I disagree with Goff's 'expert'
analysis that an invasion of Afghanistan was what the Bush regime
intended all along. And I've explained why. Information in support of my
position is all over the internet and all over lists like this." ... In
all honesty, your position that the US wanted a regime change there is
inconsistent with his essential description of a US invasion.  In the
end, this seems to be a quarrel over who better understands the
intentions of ruling class characters.  

Daru writes in summary as (2) "I disagree strongly with the idea that
unequivocal support of the troops must somehow be tied with calls to
bring them home."  ... Fine, but you are as willing as the Republicans
to think that it "must somehow be tied" to support for the government.  

Daru writes in summary as (3) "I disagree with Goff and anyone who also
thinks it, that the UN was somehow the key arena of an anti-war
struggle." ... Insofar as war required the façade of a coalition, don't
you think U.S. efforts in the U.N. made it a legitimate focus?

Mark L.

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