Eli Stephens elishastephens at
Fri Aug 1 08:45:59 MDT 2003

Jose wrote:

>Yardley's a total moron

Yes, of course he is. But it doesn't take much to ignore the ridiculous
tales on his site, like how the WWP was founded by the KGB, and actually, I
think it's helpful to be acquainted with the kind of tales that circulate
amongst the right wing.

To appreciate this site, you have to be able to be amused when he writes
things like "The potential for financial corruption is high.  In the Workers
World Party, the kickbacks take the form of political vacations - trips to
exotic locales to represent the party at an international gathering of
leftists.  Party leaders have travelled all over the world, all on the
membership's dime." That Gloria LaRiva! She didn't REALLY go to Cuba two
years ago to speak to a million people at the May Day rally, she was really
working on her tan! And Deirdre Griswold! Taking those fabulous vacations in
North Korea while we were stuck here going to Disneyland and Yosemite. Damn
her greedy eyes!

Clearly I would not recommend this site to anyone who I didn't think could
see right through the nonsense. But, for those who can, I found it both
amusing and actually informative. Obviously comrades can make up their own
minds on the subject.

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