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Fri Aug 1 08:48:49 MDT 2003

Jose G. Perez wrote:
> Yardley's a total moron. Go to his blog to see how he swallowed, hook,
> line and sinker, some story about how WWP was put together by the KGB,
> and the reason Trotsky was on their paper's masthead was for cover.

Yes, he is relying on the word of General Ion Mihai Pacepa, who "is the
highest-ranking intelligence officer ever to have defected from the
former Soviet bloc" according to the National Review piece that Yardley
links to for his info on the WWP. To say it is laughable would barely
scratch the surface. I haven't seen anything this nutty since the John
Birch Society in its heyday.

Pacepa says that the WWP newspaper was "being secretly edited in Romania
under the auspices of the Comintern journal entitled Problems of Peace
and Socialism...which was then headquartered in Bucharest." Can't you
see Vinnie Copland and Sam Marcy burning the midnight oil in Buffalo?

Vinnie: Sam, hurry up. We have to get this in the mail to Bucharest
before the post office closes.

Sam: Just a minute. I am trying to figure out whether the comrades will
object to our article on NYC slumlords. Do you think that when we refer
to them as "bloodsuckers" that they might think we were making a
chauvinist crack about Transylvania?

This Yardley has a PhD from Stanford, the home of the Hoover
Institution. You would think that he might have absorbed some of the
scholarly norms of his milieu, even if it is based on the idiocies of
the cold war. Maybe the PhD is in physical education.


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