Walter's report on July 26th in Santiago

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Fri Aug 1 13:06:33 MDT 2003

Dear Norm -

Delighted to give permission. Really pleased
that you liked the report. I took me more time
to prepare it the next day than the rally itself.

In addition, would appreciate it if you would
add a note about CubaNews list which is my
principal project. The URL for its home page:

Since Elian's return to Cuba, after which we
set up CubaNews list, it's steadily increased
its subscriber base to where were now have
over 500 readers. Keeping Cuba in the public
eye, and providing accurate and sympathetic
information is of great importance now and it's
an area where CubaNews list makes a good
contribution, in my opinion.

People from GLW-DSP are entirely welcome
to participate and occasionally do. If you have
someone who follows Cuba, why don't you
have them subscribe and then they can both
post GLW articles on Cuba right away and
participate in discussions if they like?

This list is mostly informational with a bit of
discussion. I admit that I do not read the
GLW consistently, so any help from folks
"down under" would broaden its basis of
participation, something always needed.

I'm returning to Los Angeles later on today.
My thirteen week visa has expired so it's
time to go. Will continue to follow Cuban
affairs and be active around it there in LA til
returning here again in the fall.

There may be a mass violation of the travel
ban in October, which might get me back to
Cuba a bit sooner.

Must do some packing momentarily, but will
be on and off line during the next six or so
hours if you need anything else.

Best wishes,


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Hi Walter,

Norm from Green Left Weekly here. May we have permission
to run your July 26 report in the next edition of GLW? Could
you let me know if that is ok ASAP? I'll naturally credit
the source and include links to your web pages.Revolutionary

Norm Dixon.

Walter Lippmann wrote:
> For this even I received accreditation to participate
> as a journalist in this event. I was thus able to get
> right up close to the platform and to have a wide
> access to the place for photography. Both because
> of the importance of the event, and the photographs
> of things you won't see elsewhere, I've created an
> entire web-page devoted to Saturday's celebration:

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