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On Thu, 31 Jul 2003, Eli Stephens wrote:

> Louis wrote:
> >Yardley has morphed into a rightwinger and works as a researcher for David
> >Horowitz. He also runs a website called "commiewatch" at:
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Hey, he talks about me on the site...I'll be darned.

"Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Protest update: I still haven't found anything about the 'Stop Killer
Coke' press conference in Washington, D.C., held by the International
Action Center two days ago. Most likely, it was an absolute bust. As for
the evening's protest in New York, outside Coca-Cola headquarters, a short
report made it into New York City Indymedia. Also a bust. According to the
'reporter' / attendee [that's me!], there were about twenty people there.
Twenty people out of all of New York City. As the organizer said, there's
going to be another protest next month, and with the sun and students back
in school, it'd be bigger.

What would the far left do without college students?"

I love how these protests are always a "bust" the corporate media,
this bozo being financed by Horowitz (which means being financed by
Mellon-Scaife or whoever) I'll include him in that category...protests
ALWAYS have a lower turnout than expected.  You'd think after the hundreth
protest that the turnout expecters would lower their estimates, but I
guess that would make it impossible for these people, who are worse
forecasters than weathermen, from always making the glum statement that
the protests attracted less people than the always-wrong "experts" had

Yardley says that this "has something to do with unionization of Coke
plants in Columbia."  Yaa, something or union activists being
murdered by death squads that are so bad that even the US government
classifies them as terrorists.  Hundreds a year in Colombia.  That's the
something or other that must have slipped the intrepid reporter Yardley's

Yardley's blog is called "Commiewatch".  Since he mentions me, it seems to
imply I'm one of the commies he is watching.  I am interested in Marxian
economics, and would agree with communists who think production is the
center around which capitalist society is based and things like that, but
I'm definitely not interested in joining authoritarian Marxist-Leninist
communist parties with vanguards and the like.  I would not join the WWP
along with other communist parties of this nature.

On the other hand, the fact that hundreds of trade unionists are being
killed in Colombia bothers me.  I welcome the opportunity to do something
about it.  Has the Democratic party done anything about it?  No.  How
about the AFL-CIO.  The IUF, an international food union association some
AFL-CIO unions belong to have a repudiation of the boycott on their web
page, and say the labor lieutenants of the AFL-CIO in the USA were some of
the most adamant about this decision.  So here we have trade unionists in
Colombia being murdered and the Democratic party and AFL-CIO not only do
nothing, they are complicit in it.  And the only group I know of that is
locally organizing people to do something about it are the WWP or one of
it's "front groups" to use his terminology.  Will I join the WWP and fight
this?  No.  Will I work with them in fighting this?  Most definitely.
The bottom line is the Democrats and AFL-CIO do nothing, or worse, are
complicit.  The kind of non-vanguard left organizations I prefer are not
doing something about this on the level of the WWP either.  So I work with
the WWP, "work with" in this meaning I go to the protest, I spread the
word about the Coca-Cola boycott on Indymedia and here, I stop drinking
Coca-Cola myself, along with whatever else I might do.

I think red-bashing is sometimes appropriate if a group is engaged in a
slimy form of entryism, but this is not the case with WWP in this
situation.  I find David Corn of The Nation going on the Bill O'Reilly
Report and saying that the anti-war movement is run by a bunch of crazy
commies more disgusting than the WWP's anti-war efforts.  If the
non-authoritarian left doesn't want the authoritarian-type communists to
have a big role in the anti-war movement, the answer is to OUT-ORGANIZE
them, not go on Faux News and whine about Brian Becker.  The reason the
WWP is so prominent is because while liberals like Corn were sitting at
home, the WWP were out on the streets, organizing against the war.  Anyone
unhappy about that should get off their ass and go out and organize people
in larger number than WWP does, not whine about the WWP.

My aunt, who I'll take as a mainstream, middle-of-the-road control group,
told me a few months ago that the anti-war movement was dominated by
communists.  The way she learned about it was from newspapers and
television.  And how did this get on TV and newspapers originally?
Because *liberals* were complaining about it.  I'm sure if they'd said
nothing it would have started popping up a few weeks or months later, but
seeing Corn go on O'Reilly and the like has definitely been an education
for me about liberals.


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