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Fri Aug 1 15:53:04 MDT 2003

 Louis wrote:

 Yardley has morphed into a rightwinger and works as a researcher for
 Horowitz. He also runs a website called "commiewatch" at:

Response Jim C: With all due respect to my friend Louis, I cannot agree. No
one who was truly once a leftist could ever "morph" into a right-winger; it
only means they were acting all along. Some "morph" into social democrats,
but anyone who was once really a leftist and was truly sophisticated in
leftist analysis/praxis could never go all the way over to the
simple-minded, reactionary, selfish, mean and patently bogus paradigms and
views on the right. Former leftists, the ones who were once really committed
and not just infantile adventurers, opportunists, slogan-mongers, etc,
sometime become nihilistic, social democrats, anarchists etc but never
hard-core right-wingers as in the case of Horowitz or this other newbie
interloper on the right; it only means that their true colors are "coming
out" with their true ultra-rightism when it is now more convenient and
profitable to do so.

Yes there are indeed myriad cults on the nominal left that do for the left
what Jaws did for ocean bathing; real and committed leftists may leave their
cults, and should do so, but the essential truths and principles on the
left, once grasped, are independent of the worth of any particular cult
nominally espousing them and are not abandoned easily.

Jim C.

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