further on Stan Goff

Craven, Jim jcraven at clark.edu
Fri Aug 1 16:46:11 MDT 2003

I am trying very hard to lose the old SWPish habit of finding something to
disagree with in everyone else's politics.

David McDonald

Response Jim C: I think there is something to this. My experience around
SWPers and the SWP (never a member or even close but was involved in various
coalitions involving them) and I am referring only to those with whom I had
personal experiences, and I am not referring to the likes of Mitch Podolak
or Joe Flexer, is, in my opinion, as expressed at the time, was that in
addition to meeting in their post office boxes and having faction fights
over arcane and irrelevant issues, know-it-all-ism, and incessant slogan
mongering, they were basically about making [running from armchairs]
"revolution" everywhere but where they  existed and "supporting" revolution
everywhere but where it was actually going on; a classic case of the
"perfect" being the enemy of the good.

Given the background of Stan Goff and where he is today relative to where he
must have been in the past, given his past, he should be celebrated and
embraced and listened to. He has a lot of information that could be
extremely useful. His take on the "chickenhawk issue" of Bush is very
sophisticated and reveals someone who is hardly about supporting more
"refined" militarism, celebrating militarism or supporting more "efficient"
pursuits of imperial interests.

Jim C.

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