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Fri Aug 1 16:59:17 MDT 2003

Very interesting Jim.  Essentialist of course and I am very inclined to
agree.  In my own backyard the Communist Party of Australia has thrown up
the example of Keith Windschuttle.  The latter was a former leftist
journalist who used to hang around the Party in Sydney.  I wonder if he was
a member.  In any case he was on the periphery.  Now he is a leading right
wing hawk, who gives us the denial of the holocaust of Aborigines and also
attacks leading left figures such as Chomsky and Edward Said.

But his conversion seems to have coincided with the collapse of the
Communist Party here.  Prior to that the CPA could provide intellectuals
with outlets for their writing such as journals, books, and conferences,
and trips overseas.

Post Party all these outlets dried up. That is death for the academic world
of publish or perish and so now he is publishing frantically in all the
right wing spots and there are ever so many of these.

Was he always a rat?

Probably.  Otherwise the dissonance would simply be too great for anyone to



Response Jim C: Precisely Gary. Anyone who has really been a leftist in
concrete practice, for whom Marxism was not simply some intellectual
exercise or market niche for publish or perish in academia or some kind of
hobby, who has really been among and has substantively worked with battered
women, miners with black lung, outsourced workers, Indigenous Peoples,
battered gays, migrant famworkers, screwed-over part-time workers, refugees
from fascism set-up/supported by U.S. imperialism, textile workers,
ghettoized African-Americans, and many other victims of capitalism from
various other categories of victims simply could never go over to the far
right; exactly, the dissonance would simply be too great for anyone who was
once for real to bear.

Hope you are well. Please say hello to our friends.

Jim C

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