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Lueko Willms Lueko.Willms at t-online.de
Fri Aug 1 17:03:56 MDT 2003

   I just want to let people know that I am really deeply moved by
what I see from the movement Stan Goff is involved in bringing about.

   Holy shit, he is one of many, and maybe the most articulate, of
people who do not want their loved ones be killed in a war which is
not in their interests, and who think that they joined the military
just to get a job and an education, and not to act as the colonial
police against people who want to regulate their own affairs on their

   And when I think how Stan Goff relates to his son who has been
sent to Iraq to act as an instrument opf oppression there, I also
think of that Iraqi father, which Robert Fisk reported about,  who
killed his own son, apparently because his son had acted as a fink
for the US occupation forces. 

   I think both men could very well relate to each other and find a
commond ground. 

   When I am at it, I would like to add a thought which I wanted to
articulate for some time, that is, that it is not just the body count
which counts, i.e. the imperial occupation forces are not just beaten
into submission by inflicting pain on them, but because the deaths
force to rethink the actual goal of the military presence as an
occupation force, and that this occupation is not really in the own
interest of the workers in uniform being used to suppress the Iraqi

   On the other hand, a movement within the military (and their
families) needs to swim in the wide stream of an opposition against
the imperial and colonialist occupationl, in order not to drown and
turn into a nonpolitical activity of, e.g. sending CARE packets to
soldiers on occupation duty. 

   In one of these articles on the unrest in the families of the US
soldiers over there in Iraq, which had been posted on this list (I
think it was an article from the "Washington Post"), a US military
spokesperson explained why it is so dangerous to report about this
unrest -- the nationalist resistance in Iraq against the US
occupation could be encouraged, and therefore there must be no public
word about any worries the families of the US soldiers in Iraq might

   The activities of Stan Goff and his cofighters breaks that wall of
silence, and that is so good. 

Lüko Willms
/------------------------------------ http://www.mlwerke.de 
Frankfurt/Main, Germany 

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