further on Stan Goff

Jose G. Perez jgperez at netzero.net
Fri Aug 1 19:32:52 MDT 2003

David McDonlad writes:

>>I am interested in not getting bitten in the ass because, for
instance, I (or some we) invited Goff to speak at a demonstration and
got a thinly-veiled appeal to the government to reform its imperialist
practice in the name of saving American lives. I thought the article I
forwarded pretty clearly demonstrated that.<<

I know that David, at least, is no longer worried about this, but that
he was, even a little bit, suggests to me that folks on this list need
to stop reading these ultraleft "Stan Goff is the new Hubert Humphrey"
posts without realizing that to be fully appreciated, those posts need
to be accompanied by a laugh track.

The guy is absolutely totally righteous and right on. If he's not
hanging out on this list right now, that may be because one person can
only do so much and only has so much time. The motion that has emerged
among GI's and military families against being used as cannon fodder for
imperial glory is an extremely important development, and Stan due to
his history, background, experience and family situation is ideally
situated to help that development along. 

People should follow www.bringthemhomenow.com, the website Stan and his
friends have put together. It is quickly establishing itself as THE
place that is bringing together such information as gets through on what
is REALLY happening in Iraq, through the daily "News Roundup." That it
is presented in a compact, no-nonsense way is a tremendous *service* to
the movement

As to Stan himself, his convictions in what we all hold in common are as
strong as anyone's on this list, and I wouldn't be surprised to discover
they were stronger than those of many of us, for if you read what he has
written you will see that they were not easily acquired, but the product
of terrible experiences, much study and reflection and a willingness to
face up to the facts, including about himself, that is truly admirable.

And I believe his "military matters" columns
(http://www.freedomroad.org/milmatters.html) are some of the finest
popular socialist journalism in many a year. 


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