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I took Louis' advice and plumbed the site. Most interesting to me is the
"sound off" page. It's content is very moving and revealing. It shows the
not-so-slow development of antiwar thought and actions among the most
mainstream of Americans, regular people with family in the military or
people in the military themselves, mostly from the south or midwest.

Further, it shows that Stan Goff has the ability to stir elements of the
population that we simply do not reach, yet. Or at least, that such folks
feel that it's OK to share their thoughts with Stan because he's been there,
done that, and because of his forthright, head-on approach, which I must say
strikes me as pretty all-American in the best sense of the term.

Georgia Kraff, of Raleigh, NC, writes:

>>I'm one of those people who always gets choked up during the Pledge of
Allegiance, Star Spangled Banner, or God Bless America. But now I weep for
another reason. When I see our so-called "Commander In Chief" using our
beautiful flag, or Mt. Rushmore, or the deck of an aircraft carrier as a
backdrop for his lies and propaganda it turns my stomach. And how dare Bush
and his cronies dare call anyone who dissents unpatriotic?<<

S. Lambrecht says:

>>Being a conservative, I really resent the dirty name they're giving my
philosophy - and the way they've dragged the flag through the mud. Might as
well have swastikas on it now instead of stars - symbol of the Fourth Reich.
Hitler lasted 12 years - I don't think we'll have much of a country left by

Ester, from Grandview, Missouri, has a son in the army and another son who
left fro boot camp in July. She lost a brother to agent orange and an uncle
to the after-effects of WWII and Korea. She writes:

>>Those who send others to fight, kill and die, aren't going, and neither
are their kids. We need to support our troops by bringing them home now.
This is not our war.<<

Call me what you will, but I believe Ester has answered the question about
the legitimacy and righteousness and most importantly DIRECTION of the bring
'em home slogan with her little addendum: "this is not our war." These are
words of class struggle.

It is further interesting that the US government is giving conservatism a
bad name. Someone in a recent post (paraphrasing Trotsky's introduction to
The History of the Russian Revolution) pointed out that people's inherent
conservatism is the ultimate cause of revolution, because we allow
contradictions to pile up and pile up until an explosion finally occurs.
There was a time when conservative meant (to some) approximately what the
word indicates, i.e. a philosophy that values the existing achievements of
humanity and hopes to save them for future generations. It was this kind of
conservatism, e.g., that led Eisenhower to make his speech warning about the
growth of the military-industrial complex. But now it's the by-word of
people who want to blacktop the earth and build Burger Kings on every corner
that doesn't have a gas station. What we are seeing here, IMO, is the
beginning of a cleaving away of layers who thought they belonged in their
camp and are now having serious doubts.

David McDonald

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