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Mexico's Mid-term elections: Warning shots delivered
at the polls for Fox and the PAN

The need for a new, mass-based left party
By Gina Alvarez

The Mexican electorate delivered President Vicente Fox
a resounding thrashing in the latest round of
elections in Mexico last July 6– even though the
elections were not for the Presidency, but for
Congress, state governorships and some other local
offices - in the first national elections since he
became president three years ago.

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US occupation of Iraq isn't working
By Robert Fisk

Paul Bremer, a man without taste in clothing and no
clue how to be a proconsul. CIA's running the tourist
industry? Democracy based on murdering demonstrators.
A puppet government calls for the first national
holiday: Iraqis must celebrate the first day of their

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San Francisco Politics:
Recall Spells Quagmire for Democratic Mayoral
By Caty Powell

The recall election of Governor Gray Davis now set to
take place on October 7 is a quagmire for the
Democratic Party, which has been put in the position
of having to defend the most ineffectual, neo-liberal,
incompetent, pro business arrogant crook in a long

But this situation is also a quagmire for Democrats
running for San Francisco Mayor in the November 4th
election. Gavin Newsom, Tom Ammiano, Angela Alioto and
Susan Leal are in trouble whether they support,
oppose, like or dislike the governor.

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SF Labor Council: Bring the Troops Home! End the
Occupation of Iraq!

Resolution of the San Francisco Labor Council Bring
the troops home now - End the occupation of Iraq

- Money for human needs, not war
- Repeal the Patriot Act

Whereas, the people in Iraq want the US occupation to
end, and the US soldiers in Iraq want to come home. We
ask: Who is benefiting from this war, and who is
paying the price?; and

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Lucrecia: Open Letter to Angela, Tom, Susan, Gavin et

Letter sent by Lucrecia, progressive left candidate
for Mayor of San Francisco, to all Democratic Party
candidates San Francisco, July 9, 2003

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Total Recall: October 7th California Gubernatorial
Election and the Left TOTAL RECALL By Carlos Petroni

>From “Recall Davis” to “Total Recall” or how the Left
should campaign: united against both Democratic and
Republican candidates.

On July 23, California Secretary of State, Kevin
Shelley, Democrat, gave the Republicans who were
collecting signatures and paying for them, the good
news: more than 85% of the 1.7 million signatures they
have collected were declared valid. This is almost
double the number needed to guarantee the 897,158
necessary to call for a special election to revoke the
mandate of the governor, Gray Davis, and elect his

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