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*****   Third North American Conference of the Palestine Solidarity Movement
October 10-12, 2003   -   Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

Register Now Online: <http://www.divestmentconference.com/>
Endorse Now Online: <http://www.njsolidarity.org/conference/confendorse.html>

Email registration: registration at njsolidarity.org
Email endorsements: endorse at njsolidarity.org

Together, we have defeated attempts to destroy the conference and
silence Palestinian voices and the voices of those who stand in
solidarity with them. We have defended freedom of organization and
expression, and our right to organize and stand with the Palestinian
people in their struggle for liberation. We can build on this victory
by building the conference - register, endorse, and become involved!
We will come together in unity for action and resistance, and we will
build the Palestine solidarity movement, expanding our links of
solidarity and action with Palestine and looking towards justice,
equality and liberation!

Following in the path set by the first two conferences of the
student/community Palestine solidarity movement, we are proud to
announce that the Third North American conference will be held from
October 10-12, 2003 at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ.
Divestment movements have sprouted across the country, International
Solidarity Movement activists have traveled to Palestine, and at
campuses and in communities throughout the United States, organizers
have taken action, rallied, demonstrated, spoken and educated--to
bring the truth about Palestine to a broad audience and build a mass
movement for action.

The Third Conference will seek to build on our successes, analyze our
tactics and develop strategies, skills and knowledge for the future.
We will engage in educational sessions and workshops, activist
skill-sharings and trainings, collective decision-making, public
speaking events, rallies and direct action; we will come together as
a movement to build unity and action, recognize and act upon diverse
voices, and encourage collective involvement and expression. We will
celebrate Palestinian resistance and work to build our own voices of
resistance; we will strategize for divestment from Israeli apartheid.
As Israel continues its oppression and occupation of Palestinian
people and Palestinian land, we will raise our voices to demand an
end and call for meaningful peace with justice in Palestine. As a
solidarity movement, we will work to act in full support of and
solidarity with the Palestinian national liberation movement. At a
time when Palestine and the fundamental rights of the Palestinian
people are under attack by forces of Zionism and imperialism, it is
imperative that we come together to build a student movement that
unites with our brothers and sisters in Palestine to uphold
Palestinian rights and Palestinian liberation.

We look to the purposes of the conference as enabling people to work
with others to learn and put into practice how to run a group,
teaching and strategizing ways which groups can go about a divestment
campaign, empowering people and communities, including recognizing
and building diversity, recognizing and building on successes,
dealing with and handling opposition, and strategizing for media and
community outreach, as well as becoming educated about the right of
return, the history of the occupation and the resistance, and the
fight for full equality under law and the end of Israeli apartheid
and discrimination, as well as other relevant political/historical

Any organizations that believe divestment from Israeli apartheid is a
necessary and worthwhile strategy, that stand for an end to the
Israeli occupation of Palestinian land, the full right of return for
all Palestinian refugees to their homes and homeland, and full
equality under law and the abolition of Israeli apartheid; and that
reject racism and all forms of oppression are welcome to be part of
the organizing process for the Third Conference! Please email
proposals at njsolidarity.org to become a part of the organizing
process. Get involved in organizing the Third Conference--bring your
experiences, strategies and ideas to the table to work towards
building a mass movement for divestment from Israeli apartheid and
for justice in Palestine!

REGISTER NOW! <http://www.njsolidarity.org/confregister.html>
ENDORSE NOW!  <http://www.njsolidarity.org/conference/confendorse.html>

For more information about the conference, please visit
For more information about New Jersey Solidarity, please visit
<http://www.njsolidarity.org/>.   *****


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