Did "mode of production" debate in Philippine CP lead to murder?

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Sun Aug 3 21:55:48 MDT 2003

Thank you very much for posting this piece--I had
missed it, and like to follow events in the
Philippines (as with South Asia).  I'm a little unsure
if the title of this post is in jest.  But the
meltdown in the CPP in 92/93, and the differences
between the rejectionists (RJs--reject the current,
mostly, People's War, Line) and the reaffirmists
(RAs--continue the Line) should only be seen to relate
to a "mode of production" debate in a superficial
sense.  Obviously, conceptions of the kind of society
(a crude way of saying the mode of production, if you
will) the Philippines was/is related to people's views
on the direction of the party, but, IMHO, the crisis
in the party had to do much more so with it's failures
following EDSA I, the disastrous consequences of the
Mindanao commission (which highlighted the fundamental
problems of internal party democracy) and the
disintergration of official communism.  Some more
material on the splits and consequences of CPP policy:

Internal struggle in the CPP: Sisons vs. Tiamzons

Where Does the Real Problem Lie

The Revolutionary Left: Back to Center Stage?

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