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Mon Aug 4 05:25:49 MDT 2003

This is to announce a new Irish Marxist Archive, which can be found at:

We hope will be of interest to Irish leftists. The intention is to 
present a number of historic documents which may not be readily 
available and which give some idea of the history of the struggle for 
socialism on this island. We don't want to ignore international issues, 
but we doubt whether Irish left groups would have contributed much 
original material to debates over the Iranian Revolution, Afghanistan, 
Iraq, etc.

Why not put the documents on the Marxist Internet Archive?
Firstly, we don't want to limit the documents to those output by people 
now dead. The aim is not to reproduce the Marxist Internet Archive, but 
to supplement it with documents relating to Ireland, sorted by subject. 
We also don't rule out stating an opinion where we think that one is 
due - we aren't just archivists.

What can you do?
Firstly, if you are interested in what we are offering, read what we 
are putting on the site. If you have any documents which you think 
people might be interested in, contact us.

'They say that leaders always emerge, no matter what the ideals or the 
systems of democracy that are put in place. Well, this may or may not 
be true, but what is the case is that arseholes certainly do.'

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