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Einde O´C. wrote:

"Here in Germany we have several leaders of the Green Party who were 
AFAICS genuine revolutionaries in the 1960s and 1970s who are now in 
leading positions in pushing a right-wing agenda, sometimes with 
pesudo-leftist arguments.

One crass example of this phenomenon is our Foreign Minister, the former 
streetfighter Joseph (Joschka) Fischer <...>

Another example is Otto Schily, former attorney for the Red Army 
Fraction (Baader-Meinhoff group) and himself formerly suspected of being 
a leading terrorist, who <...> is currently leading the most radical 
attack on civil liberties since the Second World War and preparing the 
for ground <...> total supervision of the general public, not just 
political activists.


I don't necessarily believe that these people were always opportunist 
shits. I think it's more a case of <...> (social) being determining 


I agree. But we should also recall the social roots of the individuals 
at stake. From what I can gather here and I remember about all those 
radicalized groups of the late 60s, early 70s, all of them were somehow 
or other sticking to the idea that the working class in metropolitan 
countries was lost for revolution and the <New> Left had to be built up 
from the "free intelligentsia" and "radicalized students/youth".  That 
is, in the end, from the radicalized layers of the petty bourgeoisie and 

That is, in the end, they voiced a non-proletarian (and perhaps 
anti-proletarian, though heavily veiled) point of view. It should be no 
surprise for a Marxist that during an age of general advancement of 
revolutionary movements the globe over, the "enlightened" tiers of the 
petty bourgeoisie preferred to style themselves following that global 
trend. With a reversion of the global trends (which took place by the 
mid 70s and lasts until our days, though it is getting weaker with the 
hours), the petty bourgeois sides with the bourgeois.

Who was it that wrote, somewhere, that the petty bourgeois cannot have a 
political project of itself and has to lean either on the bourgeois or 
the proletarian...


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