The RAF Myth

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Tue Aug 5 02:44:11 MDT 2003

>From FAZ Weekly:

Exhibition on RAF terrorist group causes stir
Victims- families opposed, and for interior minister it is also personally
By Carola Schlagheck
Fifteen months before its scheduled opening, an art exhibition about the
left-wing terror group that rocked Germany in the 1970s is already causing
controversy among relatives of its victims and some politicians - one of
whom, Interior Minister Otto Schily, became famous as a lawyer for two of
its members.
Opponents of "The RAF Myth" said they feared the exhibition would lend
glamour to the Red Army Faction, and criticized the use of public money to
stage it.
The objections became public at the end of last week with the release of a
letter from RAF victims' families to leading German politicians in which
they asked that the exhibit be stopped.
The RAF remains a sensitive issue five years after it officially disbanded
and 26 years after its activities escalated in the second half of 1977,
dubbed "the German autumn."


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