dms dmschanoes at
Tue Aug 5 09:47:50 MDT 2003

The hardcopy Financial Times of 7/29 had an  article about federal governors
in Brazil calling on the natl govt to put an end to seizures by the landless
and homeless movement.

The leader of the landless movement, once associated with Lula, is
supposedly calling upon his "army" of landless to do battle with the rich
landlords, saying, supposedly, There are 27 million of us and 23,000 of
them.  We will not rest until they are wiped out.

Seizures have accelerated with the growing unemployment, contraction of
industrial production due to international conditions and Lula's 23+%
interest rates designed to "reassure" the bourgeoisie. Still foreign direct
investment has fallen by half.  And 5000 homeless have taken over and
abandoned  VW plant outside Sao Paolo.

It is clear that any armed adventure by the rural poor will not be
successful at this time.  Equally clear is that Lula's popular front
government,  and popular front is exactly what it is, doesn't have long to

A movement independent of the popular front would put forward a
revolutionary program for organization of the entire network of production
to relieve the rural misery through the organization of councils of landless
and workers, with coincident militias to protect the political organization.

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