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>>Incidentally both Schröder (SPD chancellor) and fischer are both 
>>inordinately proud of their impoverished working class background and 
>>Fischer used to use the fact taht he had never been to university to 
>>browbeat his more academically successful left-wing opponents from the 
>>so-called fundamentalist wing of the Greens. now he seems to enjoy 
>>collecting honorary doctorates. 
>    I think it is wrong to say that Schröder and Fischer are "proud"
> of their background; true is that they do not try to hide it, but
> they rather use it in a very cynical way to advance their position as
> representatives of the property-owning class. 
This is what I meant, but perhaps I should have said "they are 
inordinately 'proud' of their background", meaning that they cynically 
use it the way you describe below.

Einde O'Callaghan

>    Especially Schröder used this heavily in his 1998 election
> campaign talking with nearly tears in his eyes about his mother who
> worked as a janitor. So he wanted to appear as the modest buy from
> poor background who will be the faithful representative of all the
> poor people, while at the same time preparing to become the first
> chancelor to send Germany to war (after WW2) and preparing a
> deepgoing assault on the rights and living standards of working
> people. 

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