A San Francisco cop with a censor's complex

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A San Francisco cop with a censor's complex
By Berta Hernandez

“I have never seen a situation so dismal that a
policeman couldn’t make it worse.” – Brendan Behan

Cops at the Mission Police Station of the SFPD are
playing political censor, trying to undermine the
constitutional rights of citizens and residents of
this City and making great efforts to derail this
year’s celebration of Immigrant Pride Day.

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San Francisco: Defend immigrant rights and the First
Amendment (includes petition to sign)
by Immigrant Pride Day Organizing Committee

The Organizing Committee of Immigrant Pride Day 2003
is asking you to sign in support of this year's event.

The event is essentially directed towards immigrant
families and their allies, unions and community

This year, however, Sgt. Rubino of the Mission
District Police Station told us - in writing at our
request - that the police oppose our celebration on
the streets of our neighborhood because, he said, we
advertised the event last year as a block party for
families and neighbors while in reality it was a
cultural-political festival.

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