US expands illegal nuclear arsenal -- Green Left Weekly #548 August 6, 2003

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Green Left Weekly,
Australia's socialist newspaper
Issue #548
August 6 (Hiroshima Day), 2003

Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and left perspective.

Featured this week: Abolish all WMD! US expands illegal nuclear arsenal
While preaching "non-proliferation" of weapons of mass destruction to
the Third World <197> and using allegations of WMD development as a
justification for invading Iraq and threatening to attack North Korea,
Iran and Syria <197> the United States is pushing ahead with the
development of banned biological, chemical and nuclear weapons.

UNITED STATES: Washington expands its illegal WMD arsenal

US blocks AIDS medicines for the poor
John Pilger: Blair peddles banned chemical weapon ingredients

TURKEY: Socialist faces jail under `anti-terrorism' laws
PALESTINE: Israeli military devastates education
VENEZUELA: Right-wing's campaign of sabotage escalates
IRAQ: Death of Hussein's sons fails to quell resistance
IRAQ: US munitions continue to kill children
PHILIPPINES: Behind the soldiers' mutiny
PHILIPPINES: `There is disgruntlement in the ranks'
INDONESIA: People's United Opposition Party launched
UNITED STATES: Militants win in California UAW local
INDONESIA: Placer Dome eyes Borneo's forests
CUBA &&: `Ignorance is the most powerful weapon of the exploiters'
CAMBODIA: Losing parties seek to overturn election result
CANADA: Anti-WTO protests under attack

Unity and the anti-war movement
Unreasonable hours: Why we work longer and harder
Editorial: Engaging black Australia
Iraqi detainee: `Even if I go to hell, they don't care'
Melb Uni needs more democracy <197> not less
ALP aims higher - but not high enough
A woman's place is in the struggle: Fetal rights legislation for NSW

Bus drivers defer strike action
NoWar Alliance tours Palestine delegate
US seeks to increase naval visits
Latin American struggles celebrated
MUA forces Adsteam back down
Labor MP threatens to quit over mine safety
Funding cut leads to deafening silence
Sixteen unionists fined over Skilled Six case
Socialist unionists discuss struggles
Public school teachers to take strike action
US intervention no help to Afghan women

`That dreadful Terry Eagleton'
Moncada's Fire
Franti joins Radio Skid Row's celebration
Revolutionary environmentalism
Ani Di Franco to headline Philadelphia Folk Festival

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