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Upon reading your "open letter" to Vlada Krsljanin a few days ago I see 
that Emperor's-Clothes and its chump collaborators continue their 
breathless descent into gutter journalism.  It's hard to know where to 
start dissecting this latest stinker lobbed the way of Ramsey Clark and 
IAC, except to perhaps borrow the observation of a friend who pointed 
out that if Clark *had* to be a U.S. gov't agent in the anti-war 
movement owing to his past functions as Attorney General, then by an 
identical logic William Blum (former State Dept) and Philip Agee (former 
CIA) must be agents too.

Oh, but I guess I shouldn't overlook that other - and the *only* other - 
exhibit of "proof" you offer up that Clark's change of political stance 
couldn't be real, viz, because he hasn't been bumped off yet!  You meant 
this seriously, did you? (and does this mean that Blum and Agee are just 
living on borrowed time?)  I guess I shouldn't be surprised by such 
reasoning, coming from a collaborator on a website which loftily claims 
to have proven that 9-11 was an inside job by Bush and Co. cuz the 
suicide planes weren't shot down.  For folks who profess such opposition 
to the kangaroo justice being dealt Milosevic at the Hague tribunal and 
the latter' s flimsy evidentiary standards, you operate a pretty 
cavalier and self-serving judge-jury-executioner service yourselves.

Perhaps since you're writing "open" letters you might care to enlighten 
us in the broad public as to the "process" - voting, discussion, 
whatever - which led to the supposedly "official" website of the ICDSM 
running the first of Emperor's Clothes' smear attacks on Clark/IAC on 
May 17th of this year, at a time when Clark was not only a member of the 
ICDSM, but, from all available evidence, its co-chairman.  Since it 
strained credulity that an article attacking Clark and casting him as an 
instrument of the Hague Tribunal and U.S. gov't would have appeared at 
the website of a committee claiming Mr. Clark among its membership, I 
tried to confirm the committee membership list by clicking on the link 
at the ICDSM website entitled "Committee members."  Unfortunately, and 
curiously, the link didn't work. This was on May 18th.  The link didn't 
get restored until quite a bit later, many days later, as memory serves, 
and it then showed Clark as a committee member still - I guess that 
bespeaks the committee's tolerance, that it would knowingly allow an 
"agent" in its ranks after publishing on its site an article calling him 
one - but that he'd been "demoted" from the co-chairmanship.  The diss 
on Clark was yanked shortly after it appeared, though it stayed up at 
the Emperor's Clothes site.  Then we read on June 3rd (E-C) that a Mr. 
Nico Varkevisser - co-author of the smear series on Clark - had a 4-hr 
meeting with Milosevic on May 31st.  *Then* we read on June 13th (E-C) - 
nearly a month after the first attack on Clark was ephemerally run on 
the website of a committee he chaired! - that "For two years he [Clark] 
was entrusted with the position of honorary co-President [sic - his 
title was co-chairman, not co-President, and there had never been any 
mention of "honorary" before - this qualification was added by E-C post 
facto.  See this link: 
- jy] of the ICDSM, the group organized to counter media lies about the 
Serbs and President Milosevic.  Clark no longer holds that position. He 
was removed following a decision reached with the agreement of President 

This is interesting wording, which suggests the initiative to remove 
Clark from the chairmanship didn't originate with Mr. Milosevic, but 
rather elsewhere, and that somebody had "run the idea by" Mr. Milosevic 
for approval.  It wasn't perchance Mr. Varkevisser during their mtg of 
May 31st, was it?  Oh, please, enlighten us Andy, since you favour 
*open* discussion of this matter.  If it was on May 31st that Milosevic 
gave his agreement to this decision which had been "reached," then who 
"reached" it, and when? And who authorized the sleazy baiting of 
Clark/IAC on the ICDSM website on May 17th, two weeks before 
Varkevisser's mtg with Milosevic?  Who?  The full committee, which 
includes Clark himself and other IAC'ers among its membership, as well 
as Vlada?  Its chairmen?  That doesn't seem very likely, does it? 
Please answer this Andy, and answer it fully, cuz you throw charges 
around about coup attempts, but the actions outlined above and their 
timeline suggest a coup attempt from another quarter.

Since you're credited for "research" on the May 17th smear job on Clark 
which appeared and then disappeared from the ICDSM website, I gather we 
can trace back to you the responsibility for brewing up that apocryphal 
tempest in a teapot about Clark "posing" as Milosevic's lawyer, yes? 
I've listened to/watched the entire .ram clip of Clark's talk and the 
Q&A which followed at the National Press Club more than once, and at 
*no* time does Clark  "pose" as Milosevic's lawyer.  He was indeed asked 
why he represented Milosevic, and then, in an attempt to confirm he 
heard the question properly, he asked his interlocutor, using the 
conditional, "Why *would* I?" [represent Milosevic, i.e., why *would* I, 
if asked, if called upon to, etc], to which she replied "mhmm" [=yes] 
and he then went on to answer the question based on the hypothetical 
situation his phrasing implied.  This is frankly obvious to any native 
speaker of English, who will automatically understand the conditional 
("would" + verb) to be evoking a hypothetical situation, and it's 
obvious not just from viewing and listening to the full clip, but even 
from the transcribed snippet which you used in your hatchet job.  So 
what's your excuse for this Andy, and what's Jared's?  You're both 
native speakers of English, right?  (let's leave Varkevisser out of this 
for the time being).  The only poseurs here are the characters at E-C 
posing as internet muckrakers.

If Ramsey Clark is indeed a U.S. gov't agent, he's left a byzantine and 
laborious serious of feints over many years to throw us off the track, 
hasn' t he?  He/IAC were vocal and principled defenders of Yugoslavia 
before, during, and after Nato's bombing.  And thinking back, let's see, 
there were his tireless efforts to bring to public attention the scope 
of U.S. criminal aggression against the people of Panama, establishing a 
truth commission which documented casualties in the 1000's, rather than 
the risible claims put out by the Pentagon of a death toll in the 
dozens, and which were swallowed hook line and sinker by America's 
pushover press.  Funny that an "agent" would want to expose such lies, 
when virtually nobody in America's media was even probing the official 
line.  Then there were his tireless efforts to denounce and oppose U.S. 
aggression and genocide against Iraq. He was among the very first to 
denounce economic sanctions against that country, at a time when most of 
America's designer left and social democracy raised the odious slogan 
"sanctions, not war" which implicitly recognized the racist concept of 
the West acting as "disciplinarian" over Iraq.  His book "The Fire this 
Time" is a searing indictment of U.S. policy in the Gulf and in the 
Middle East generally, and makes for interesting comparison with the 
disgraceful apologetics for Israeli brutality and aggression in the 
Occupied Territories which have become a regular offering of your pals 
at "Emperor's-Clothes."  I don't know how seriously I should take 
pronouncements about who's really a "socialist" and who isn't when they 
come from a collaborator on a website whose latest hobbyhorse is to 
prettify a genocidal colonial apartheid project in Palestine, and who 
goes toe to toe with America's Christian Right and Israel's far right in 
whitewashing the history of Zionism, in baiting Palestinians and 
Muslims, etc.

I have no idea how seriously Mr. Milosevic regards your efforts but for 
his sake and for the sake of the very worthy anti-imperialist cause that 
he represents and has fought for, I hope he cuts you loose, as well as 
your pals at E-C who pimp off his name for their own unseemly ends.

Sincerely, Jim Yarker


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