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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Wed Aug 6 08:38:16 MDT 2003

The article by Petras is among the best written on the NGO issue.

The tragic thing is that at the same time, organizations such as the
Mothers of May Square, which Petras is heavily interconnected with,
share in the sin and punishment. That is why, of all possible examples,
I chose that of Hebe de Bonafini defending the Basque movement and
immediately thereafter losing supports.

That is, NGO's not only act on "civil society" as such, they also act on
the "Left".

And, sometimes, sorry to say this, support from "elder sister"
organisations from the global North sometimes tends to set the agendas
of organisations in the global South.  No suckers in this game, so that
you know what to stress in your positions and policies so that the
sister opens her purse, you know what is it that they dislike, etc.:
unfortunately, this operates even though both sides are completely sure
that they are not pressing an agenda on each other.  Branching global
North Left organizations in the global South cannot, materially, replace
the sorely needed but for the time being impossible Nth International.


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