Atomic bombing defended

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Wed Aug 6 11:35:28 MDT 2003

It became clear not too long after Hiroshima that the bomb was as much the
first shot in the "Cold War" against the USSR as a mans to end WWII - but as
a tank troop leader just returned from embarkation leave for the Far East I
well remember the cheers that went up among my troop at the news !!!

It almost certainly saved OUR lives !!

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> On the anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, Nicholas
> Kristof, one
> of the most liberal (truly) columnists in the "liberal" (not really) New
> York Times, launches a defense of the atomic bombing of Japan
> (sorry about
> the long URL; be sure to reassemble it before using it):
> ion%2fEditorials%20and%20Op%2dEd%2fOp%2dEd%2fColumnists%2fNicholas
> %20D%20Kristof
> I won't launch into a complete attack on this column, but I do
> want to note
> one thing - his defense of atomic bombing includes the claim
> that, had the
> US not done that, it "would have meant more firebombing of
> Japanese cities."
> In other words, while he at least recognizes that the dropping of atomic
> bombs is "morally contentious," he thinks that the firebombing of
> Tokyo was
> just a perfectly normal, everyday event. Killing 100,000 people
> in one day?
> No problem for Kristof.
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