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Wed Aug 6 14:38:48 MDT 2003

Xxxx Xxxxxx wrote:
> With the reality of English becoming a de facto international language
> thanks largely to US and UK imperialism it's increasingly unlikely that
> individuals will opt to learn Esperanto as a second language when they can
> learn English. Barring some sort of revival Esperanto probably has seen its
> best days but I'm curious what people here can say about the attitude of
> various parties and tendencies to Esperanto and their experiments in it. I'm
> especially curious where this Esperanto version of The Permanent Revolution
> came from. Are there any organised left groups, or prominent leftists,
> within the contemporary Esperanto movement?

Ralph Dumain, a rather colorful personality from the primordial days of
Marxism lists on the Internet and a CLR James scholar of some repute
(, is a big Esperanto fan. He can be
reached at: rdumain at


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