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On 17:14 06-08-2003 -0400, alan ginsberg wrote:

>The Esperanto translation of Trotsky comes out of the Danish Trotskyist 

True, and I think it was the Ralph Dumain, who Louis P mentioned, who made 
it possible to put it online at MIA.

I have a copy of the Communist Manifesto in Esperanto, translated by Dr. 
sc. Detlev Blanke (Berlin), which I plan to scan "when I get time", so it 
can become available at MIA.
Detlev Blanke wrote to me a couple of years ago, that he had a copy of 
State and Revolution in Esperanto as well.

>A bilingual Esperanto-German communist website can be found at

Aha, I see they have Blanke's translation of the Manifesto as PDF ...

>por revolucio socialismo!

I don't read any Esperanto myself ;-)


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