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Wed Aug 6 20:27:37 MDT 2003

>The yahoo group described is actually an ML list run for appeal which
>counts as its members ex CPM in Guangdong who are hardly Trotskyist having
>fought imperilaism from Thailand - if however there are members added from
>your list then if they wish they will be removed please inform me directly.
>The entire purpose of the list is to ensure that regional appeals for
>trades unionist and Marxists are circulated as widely as possible.
>The formulation of united front work between all MLrs is vital and such is
>being achieved. Such is more important in the current situation since the
>abandonement of teh formulation of a seperate OFFICIAL Marxist Party by
>Maoists in China from 1st July 2002. It is also important given the
>co-opertaion of Marxists over the current developing revolutionary
>situation in Philippines and the discussions on the way forward.
>John Ho
>Proletarian Society
>The Proletarian
>is posted weekly goto:
>to see the latest issue. de

Comrade Ho,

In the 21st century, the Internet will be as key to the revolutionary
struggle of the working class as the Gutenburg press was to the peasant
rebels of the 17th century. This powerful medium must not be abused, since
it offers the possibility of uniting progressive forces worldwide in the
final battle against capitalism. When you added Marxmail subscribers to
your list without their permission, it not only violated their democratic
rights, it created a backlash against your email list. It would have been
far better to send an announcement to me, which I would have forwarded to
Marxmail. It is entirely likely that I would have subbed, as would have a
number of other comrades. I hope you learn from your mistakes. That is the
only way our movement can grow.

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