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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Wed Aug 6 21:24:20 MDT 2003

>We will of course comply with your request and if we miss anyone as we
>will try to trace such please ask them to accept our apologies
>In the sense of complaints to Yahoo - this is somewhat of an overreaction
>especially given the role of the site that has assisted to defend trades
>unionists and Marxists who in asia have long suffered at the hands of the
>counter-revolution. The invitiation was sent out as a joining which was
>wrong and the moderators have as a result suspended Nita from privileges
>for the time being.
>Please pass our apologies and good will to all the comrades on your list.
>The Proletarian
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>to see the latest issue.

Yes, it was an overreaction on my part and I do apologize.

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