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You distinguish between opinion and analysis and describe your "analysis
part" as being "to paraphrase: expecting Stan Goff to 'reach' the troops
was like expecting Verizon workers to get us all national health
insurance (but we don't discuss things like that on this list, do we)".<<

I should think the analysis part lies in the earlier posts to which the more current one allues. Did you read them? I know you reacted to them. Perhaps it was only Xenon who understood, and your reply was more a happy accident.

ML continues:

>>I think of analysis as a structured series of arguments leading to a
coherent conclusion.<<

Oh, you mean like your recent reply to DMS? Let me think about that and see if I can come up with a useful comparison.

 >> While comparisons can be a part of that, I don't
(1) how you measure the chances of Verizon workers in getting us
national health insurance;
(2) how you measure the ability of Goff to reach the troops;
(3) how you compare them. <<


In most cases.

We have the power!

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