Indigenous Peoples between Empires and Nations

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Thu Aug 7 09:18:45 MDT 2003

"Obviously, anybody who stands in the way of such compacting progress
has to be eliminated" (Louis Proyect, "George Comninel on Stages,"

* American Indians between the British Empire and American colonists
fighting for national independence
* Kurds between first British and later US imperialists on one hand
and Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and Syria on the other hand
* Chechens between Nazis and Stalinists
* Hmongs between US imperialists and Vietnamese Communists
* Miskitos between US imperialists and Sandinistas
* Kosovo Albanians between Euro-American imperialists and Serb nationalists
* East Timorese between multinational imperialists and Indonesia

Since the dawn of capitalism and nationalism, history has never given
any indigenous people an unambiguously good political choice.
Sometimes, foreign imperialists and nationalist elites joined their
hands and together ganged up on them (the case of Turkish Kurds vs.
US-backed Turkish nationalists); other times, foreign imperialists
and nationalist elites vied with each other for their political
allegiance, only to betray them in the end (the case of the American
Revolution); in a few instances, indigenous peoples, or rather their
self-nominated leaders who come from elite strata of their respective
social structures, ended up making wrong political choices (Tibetans,
Hmongs, Miskitos, Kosovo Albanians, Iraqi Kurds, etc.).

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