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On the interview below, philosopher Marilena Chaui of the University of 
Sao Paulo answers many of the questions raised on the current situation 
of Brazil under Lula.

The text appeared on the Sao Paulo newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo and is
highly critical of the newspaper itself.

Her basic position, which I consider quite reasonable, is that the 
"crisis" that the Sao Paulo media and intelligentsia see is nothing less 
than democracy in action.  She stresses that while former regimes gave
militarized answers to mobilisations by the people, the Lula 
administration has given them full right of citizenship.  Under these 
circumstances, a great arena opens up for popular organizations to 
struggle over the general line of the government in power. And this, 
Chaui stresses, is viewed in awe by the establishment, who are used to 
repression, not to political debate with the dispossessed.

On the interview, Chaui depicts the Sao Paulo intelligentsia in colors 
much resembling those of the porteno intelligentsia of Buenos Aires as 
completely separate from what takes place all over Brazil, which is 
consistent with the role played by both cities in the histories of each 
country as core nuclei of imperialist penetration.

BTW, many of my Brazilian friends in Rio commented to me -after the
elections but before Lula got to power- that they only expeced him to
establish, for the first time, a truly democratic system in Brazil in 
the sense outlined by Chaui.

Hope the interview isn´t too long for Marxmail.  It can be found on the
archives of Reconquista-popular.


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