Rene Gonzales: Open Letter to Joanne Landy

Craven, Jim jcraven at
Thu Aug 7 12:10:14 MDT 2003

Response Jim C: Thanks to Walter for sending this--and in both Spanish and
English. I can assure you that from my end this magnificent letter and the
magnificent spirit of this revolutionary will be spread far and wide. It is
truly and inspiraton and a damning indictment of those parlor
"leftist"/dilettantes who have such a problem with revolutionary justice in
present-day Cuba against terrorists--more of a problem apparently, than with
the counterrevolutionary injustices of those terrorists who got a part of
what they deserve and I have no doubt got far more justice in present-day
Cuba than their kind ever allowed when they were running Cuba as one
gigantic whorehouse/casino and slave to imperial interests.

Those who are attacking Cuba on the issue of the sentences given to the
terrorists from the "left" remind me of the old story--joke--the German
socialists used to tell in the 1930s: When a German socialist was asked if
there would likely be a revolution in Germany he answered "not likely". When
he was asked why he thought so he answered "because the pathway leading up
to the Reichstag is very narrow and is surrounded by spacious lawns with
'keep-off-the-grass' signs posted everywhere, and how are you going to get
all those revolutionaries storming the Reichstag up that narrow pathway?"

Or, as my mother used to say: "A 'bleeding-heart' liberal is one whose heart
profusely and publicly bleeds--but with other people's blood".

Jim C.

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