forwarded from Nestor on Lula (democracy and revolution in Brazil and Venezuela)

DMS dmschanoes at
Thu Aug 7 09:48:45 MDT 2003

Is the point the Lula/Chavez governments or the forces behind
and in front of them?

As reported earlier, federal governors in Brazil have called
upon the natl govt to prevent the seizure of land and
abandoned factories by the landless and homeless. The property
owners themselves have employed private/public cops
to attack the movement.
Can Chavez or Lula within the framework of their current
governments resolve the contradictions of their respective
and internationalized economies?

I would suggest the answer is No, and we have the Allende
govt in Chile, and the Sandanista govt in Nicaragua to show
just how unstable and fragile the popular front is under these

The solution is outside the government policies themselves and within  those emerging structures of class-based power.

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