Daru Rateau darurateau at
Thu Aug 7 23:52:40 MDT 2003

This flash from Radio Free Iraq (in Prague):

IRAQ. The U.S. Army will deploy an experimental
new security force to Iraq that combines
infantry soldiers, elite special forces,
military police, and civil-affairs officers
into a single unit for more effective peacekeeping,
Reuters reported on 5 August. Army Vice Chief of
Staff General John Keane told reporters that the
task force was designed to meet the Pentagon's call
for a more flexible military. "I think it's going
to be a combination of forces we are taking [into
Iraq] plus forces that are [already] on the ground."
Keane did not say how large the force will be or
where it will be stationed in Iraq. He told reporters
that one of the lessons learned from the conflicts
in Afghanistan and Iraq has been the need
for more joint operations among the U.S. Army,
Navy, Air Force, and Marines. "Some of the more
traditional and historical associations
that we've sort of put together under a task force,
they have to change," Keane said. "These cases are
cultural, some of them, but we're willing to cross these lines. And I think you're just going to see a lot more of them." (Kathleen Ridolfo)


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