(fwd from David Walters) Lula (democracy and revolution in Brazil and Venezuela)

DMS dmschanoes at earthlink.net
Fri Aug 8 09:59:52 MDT 2003

David writes:
really wonder what makes people on this list have so much confidence
that Lula is some kind of revolutionary in a business suit when he's
betrayed just about every promise made during the campaign and every
point in the historic program of the PT that he helped found?"


I think that is a fair and important question.  Why this
confusion regarding the nature of Lula's government?  Why
the hoping and wishing that somehow this left wing popular
fronter is going to be different, better than all the other
pop fronters?

Why the confusion of accommodation to the existing class
structure with the movement in opposition to the class

If somebody wants to argue that such questions are sectarian
in nature, I suggest that person understands neither
sectarianism nor the class struggle.

Is it Brazil's status as a supposedly "third world" country (but
one that is quite capable of exporting its own finance capital)
that makes it "difficult" to understand the forces at work?

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