Eli Stephens elishastephens at
Fri Aug 8 21:21:21 MDT 2003

Since I started my blog a few days ago, I've been
"poking around" in the world of blogs (before a few days ago, pretty much
the only one I was familiar with was Tom Tomorrow's at What has amazed me is the absolute dearth of
"real" left-wing blogs I can find. You can find a site like "Lefty
Directory" which lists dozens and dozens of blogs, and the furthest left one
I've found so far raves on and on about Howard Dean. No, I take that back, I
did find ONE blogger who was a Kucinich fan. Not ONE who was even as far
left as the Green Party though, even ones with titles like "Bear Left" or
"Talk Left" or "Left is Right" or things of that nature. Don't know what
significance this has, just an observation. Don't even know what
significance "blogs" have either, since I really don't know what kind of
readership they have. But now that my toe's in the water, I'll be damned if
I'm going to leave the field (ok, mixed metaphor there) open. SOMEONE's got
to have a blog which does things like posts Rene Gonzalez's letter, just to
mention one of my recent posts (thanks, Walter!).

Come to think of it, Walter, you ought to start a "Cuba News" blog. You can
post the exact same things you post to your Cuba News email group, except
now they'll be available for the entire world to read (assuming you want
that, of course).

In case Walter (or anyone else) is interested, just go to
and fire away! It's free! (other than that itty-bitty drain on your time ha

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