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Sat Aug 9 13:37:54 MDT 2003


if you read my comment again, i was not trying to refute the contention
that overproduction and the FRP were significant nor even that it was the
most pressing short-term concern for capital at the moment and in the lead
up to invasion.  in fact, i think i mostly agree that it was and that it
continues to be at the _present_ phase.  so as for oil depletion and your
posts to the list regarding (refuting) it, i'd be happy to look at them
again if you'd refer me to them.  you post often and i remember that some
of your posts about it occurred back when you were lvnadal, which was
before i joined the list.  so it's hard to keep track and also to do a
search of the archives.  (i'll keep refining my search, though if you point
me to them without me having to do so i'd of course be grateful)

on a side but related note, it is unfortunate that mark jones is not around
to debate this as it seems he had a good grasp of these issues.


At 02:46 PM 8/9/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>As so many like to point out on this list, saying something is simplistic,
>right, wrong, incorrect, sectarian,etc. doesn't make it so.  You have to
>provide an analysis.  I have provide back up analysis regarding this notion
>of overproduction and the rate of profit to the list.  There is significant
>information available regarding the weakness of the Hubbertist
>production/discovery offset curves. I have provided some of that to the list
>I stated that the war was the result of overproduction in general as
>reflected specifically and acutely in the oil industry.  If you have another
>explanation that can account for the US destruction of Iraq, the "snub" of
>the US govt request to invest in Iraq by the US oil industries, the
>willingness of the US govt. to forego royalty payments and accept
>contributions to the strategic reserve when prices are high, I would love to
>read it.
>If you don't, I understand.

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