Camejo a "leading candidate"...

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Adam writes: "They're giving plenty of coverage to the campaign Lt. Gov.
Cruz Bustamante." 

They are?

I was just checking out, for example, the CNN video reports on the
recall on the web.

There is a 2 minute puff piece on Schwarzenegger and the Tabloids
focusing on his support for holocaust victims.

There is a 6 minute plus interview with Schwarzenegger himself.

There is a nearly 4 minute interview with Gary Coleman, mostly devoted
to pimping for Schwarzenegger.

There is a minute and a half piece on Davis's counter campaign that
mentions the terminator but not Bustamanete.

Finally, there is a 2-minute piece "democratic unity crumbles in
California" that shows Bustamante saying a few days before he would not
run and then showing him saying he would, and then making a joke about
the movie "Twins." Less than 30 seconds all told, but with as much time
devoted to non-candidate Feinstein.

BTW CNN pulled the same trick in their poll, doing a nine-candidate
version that included non-candidate Feinstein.

An interview with Arianna Huffington is also depicted as being
available, but when you go to the video choices screen --surprise!-- it
ain't there.


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--- Eli Stephens <elishastephens at> wrote:
> Jose, I agree pretty much exactly with your analysis of the media
> coverage 
> of Camejo's campaign, with the exception  of this:
> >But it is also true that the dismissive attitude towards Camejo's
> >campaign is profoundly racist. A significant part of why the media
> won't
> >cover him has little to do with who he is or what he stands for, but
> >rather with what he is -- a Latino, one of those people "invading"
> "our"
> >country.
> Have you compared his coverage with that of Medea Benjamin's
> campaign, for 
> example? I doubt it was very much different. Or, for that matter, the
> campaign of Ralph Nader?

To say nothing of the fact that they're giving plenty of coverage to
the campaign Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante, and they're sure to mention he
was the first Latino state Assemblyman.


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