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Sat Aug 9 16:20:20 MDT 2003

Counterpunch, August 9, 2003

California's Glorious Recall
If Not Camejo, Then Flynt!

I gave a talk about current politics at Diesel, a fine Oakland independent
bookstore, late last week. No one in the leftish crowd seemed notably put
out when I declared myself dubious of the proposition, espoused by many in
the store, that the only element of mystery about 9/ll was whether George
W. Bush had ordered the attacks on the World Trade Center on his own
initiative or was merely acting as the catspaw of Dick Cheney.

Nor was there any outcry when I denounced Ariel Sharon as a war criminal
and his US claque as a bunch of unconscionable rogues.

But as soon as I said I couldn't see much reason to get excited about
Howard Dean as a candidate for the Democratic nomination, and he seemed to
me to be a thoroughly conventional right winger, there was an audible
ripple of irritation in the crowd. In the course of an angry denunciation
of my unsparing comments about Dean a woman said that the left should be
rallying not only to the standard of the former governor of Vermont, but of
Governor Gray Davis of California, now facing a recall vote in early October.

Gray Davis! There was a time once when "lesser of two evils" actually meant
something momentous, like the choice between starving to death on a
lifeboat, or eating the first mate.
Was there ever a man who brought the always gray phrase "lesser of two
evils" into greater disrepute?

Shackled to "lesser of two evils" is its dread mate, "compromise". In its
funereal syllables is congealed the whole sad history of the US two-party
system, from the first compromise in the Constitution allowing the import
of slaves till l820, to the Missouri compromise letting that slave state
enter the union; to the compromise of l877 which ended reconstruction.


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