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Dear Jay,

Here's a new Appeal from the Iraqi Communist Party
(Cadre) it appeared dated 8 August 2003 on an Arabic




To the Workers, Peasants, and Students of Iraq!


A free homeland and a happy people!

Workers of the world and oppressed people unite!

Iraqis: Resist the occupation!

To the heroic resistance fighters wherever you find

To the sons and daughters of our great Iraqi People!

America has occupied our country and declared the
anniversary of the fall of Baghdad to be a holiday.
At the same time it has got rid of the holiday
celebrating the anniversary of the glorious July
Revolution.  Paul Bremer's council has agreed to this,
a council that includes, in an unprecedented rupture
with the past, the Secretary of the Iraqi Communist

Communists took great pride in the Revolution of July
1958, which was a glorious example of the cooperation
of the patriotic forces under their leadership.  The
Communists therefore acculturated themselves in the
firm principles and successes of that revolution for
the last forty years.  Therefore to substitute the
Anniversary of the Revolution with the day that
Baghdad fell is an enormous crime, a mark of shame,
and a curse upon those who decreed it.  It is also an
overt act of treason against all the martyrs of the
patriotic and Iraqi Communist movement over the last
four generations.

Yet the treasonous course of the Secretary of the
Iraqi Communist Party and a group of his gang members
was not born in a day.  On 2 April 2003 the party
newspaper "Tariq ash-Sha'b" announced that a group of
Communist Party fighters had taken part with the
Americans in fighting against the Iraqi Army which had
been defending their land in the face of invasion.
Those fighters even celebrated the anniversary of the
Party's founding there on the front line.

Even before this the Party had been transformed into a
mouthpiece for racial discrimination when it produced
a torrent of rationalizations for promoting the
Kurdish cause ahead of the general cause of the Iraq
people. Since 1992 it has demanded that Kurdistan be
excluded from the embargo.  The Party has become
nothing but an additional spokesman for the most
chauvinist part of the Kurdish movement and a
propagandist for the partition of Iraq on a federal
basis.  It was the renegade Hamid Majid himself who
was the first to prepare the way for the partition of
Iraq when he partitioned the Communist Party into one
Iraqi and one Kurdistani party, despite the fact that
all federal states, for example Russia, Germany,
India, and Canada, and others, without exception have
in them only one Communist Party.  Furthermore, since
1990 the Party lost its own identity, as it cast about
for those whom they could fight for, leaving
themselves nothing to do but issue assessments and
declarations of principle that could never go beyond
saying "we are against" or "we are for".  All its
alliances were with forces tied to regional states and
world imperialism, such as the Islamic Council and the
two Kurdish parties.

The Party's alliance relationship with America was
both secret and open and it was crowned with official
visits that were outside the framework of the
American-backed opposition that gathered together in
the London Conference of ill repute.  In the course of
private meetings and in the course of the Iraqi
Congress gathering, the Party implemented all the
policies that the Central Intelligence Agency had
planned out for it to do in Iraq over the last 13
years.  These include:

- Eliminating from the patriotic movement any forces
that sought reasonable solutions that would permit
Iraq to avoid invasion.

- Holding conferences and issuing declarations and
appealing to political leaders and foreign states for
help - good words whose aim was ill - by means of
which world public opinion was softened up so that it
would accept the embargo, the Anglo-American acts of
aggression against Iraq, and finally the invasion.

- Diverting and wearing down the Iraqi citizen with
assassinations whose cost is understood.

- Diverting the regime internally and externally so
long as preparations were underway for the invasion.

- Gathering intelligence information about the Iraqi
Army and providing maps as requested.

- Undertaking studies of the general situation after
every Anglo-American raid on Iraq, by means of which
the invaders were able to study strong and weak points
in Iraq.

- Preparing Iraqi public opinion to change their
national, Arab, Islamic, and Eastern identity.

It is known that most of the information that the
Party and indeed the whole London Congress
organization provided to the invaders was incorrect.
This is proved by the predicament that their American
allies are now living through in Iraq.  But the errors
arose out of the abasement of persons isolated from
their own environment, persons who as a consequence
are unaware of what really concerns their people.
These isolated individuals imagined that the Iraqi
people were thinking along their lines, and that they
were also totally devoid of all patriotic feeling.
These individuals became preoccupied with how they
stood in the sight of their master, and so they told
him what he wanted to hear rather than what the facts
were.  These individuals regarded their people as of
little significance and therefore sold them to the
invaders as slaves.  It went so far that they would
openly gloat when they witnessed the occupation troops
inspecting Iraqi women citizens whose hands were bound
behind them.

The whole world has been impressed with the Iraqi
resistance.  The commander of the occupation armies,
Abizeid, and his aides have acknowledged the
resistance and have been compelled to declare the
Middle Euphrates region once again a region of combat
operations.  He has openly admitted that even if
Saddam Hussein were killed the resistance would not
stop.  American newspapers in Washington and the Iraqi
papers like "al-Mu'tamar" have published news reports
on the Iraqi Patriotic Resistance strikes. Yet in
spite of all this, we find that the Communist Party
publications pay no attention to those strikes and
accuse those who carry them out of being "remnants"
and "terrorists" and encourage citizens to denounce

In recent years the official Party press and the
pronouncements of its officials have taken to trying
to bring down the best fighters in the Party as well
as the best Arab fighters such as Dr. al-Musfir, the
editor Abd al-Bari Atwan, Imam Fadl Allah, Imam Nasr
Allah, and others.  They even denounced reporters of
newspapers and satellite networks simply because they
reported events as they saw them and not as Hamid
Majid wanted to present them to his master.  The Party
press has taken a course that in but a few days proved
to be none other than an echo of a true downfall for
some of the leaders of our Party and their lackeys.
They have tried to foist it upon others, either by
falling back on the idea that "when a crowd gathers
it's a holiday" or as a way to fulfill the demands of
their patriotism . . . their sickly American
patriotism, that is.  This downfall was disclosed by a
Pentagon document and by another paper issued by Mr.
Qasim Sirhan, both of which were published on the
internet, indicating that the major figures in the
renegade Hamid Majid's group are nothing more than
employed agents in the pay of the Central Intelligence
Agency.  The following names appeared: Faleh Abd
al-Jabbar, Zuhayr Jaza'iri, Hamid Majid, Kazem Habib,
Abd al-Khaleq and Hammudi Jamal ad-Din, and others.

The sinister Hamid Majid joined the council appointed
by the occupier as a representative of his religious
community, thereby leading Iraq back to the hated
confessionalism which will give rise to war after war.
 He takes part in this council under the banner of the
person who expelled him from a meeting in Damascus in
1996 and who also is the son of the man who wrote a
religious opinion calling for the extermination of
Communists, a man who cooperated with the American CIA
in overthrowing the national leader, the martyr Abd
al-Karim Qasim, and aborting the glorious July
Revolution in 1963.  On the other hand, our struggle
with the past regime, as is known, was not with an
individual but with a complete structure of
institutions and public figures.  Nevertheless, the
party, under the leadership of the renegade Hamid has
thrown out that formula and turned the struggle into
one with an individual.  He therefore allies himself
now with figures and employees of that regime like
Mush'an al-Jabburi, Wafiq as-Samarra'i, al-Khazraji,
as-Salihi, al-Bazzaz, and others who were the harshest
and bloodiest members of the former regime in their
repression of the patriotic movement.

As regards the Arab Israeli struggle, the Party,
extremely unfortunately, is marching along a path that
has been thoroughly planned out, and that aims not
only at drawing Iraq out of this struggle, but also at
disarming Iraq, subjugating it to international
Zionism.  One of the aspects of this plan is the
effort to popularize a spirit of hostility to Iraq's
Arab character, and to Palestinian families living in
Iraq.  Members of the Party went so far as to take
part in forcibly throwing out some Palestinian
families from their homes and tossing their belongings
into the middle of the street.  Meanwhile the Party
remains silent and does nothing about wealthy Jews
buying up Iraqi real estate, or about the visits by
delegations of the Israeli Knesset openly to the
Kurdish protectorate and secretly to Baghdad, etc.  On
the day that Baghdad fell, Party organizations abroad
demonstrated under the leadership of an organization
called "The Liberals" led by an Israeli Jew of Iraqi
origin.  They demonstrated in the streets of
Scandinavian countries condemning the Palestinian
resistance and carrying slogans like: "The world will
wake up and discover that the reason for hatred
between the Arabs and Israel is not the Israeli
occupation but Palestinian terrorism".  Along such
lines the Council of No-Accounts - in which Hamid
Majid takes part - the Abu Raghal of the Communist
Movement, agreed to what the occupier of Iraq had
designed for the future of the country, namely
disarming it.*  The decree to the Iraqi Army
prescribed by the occupier is that its heaviest
weaponry be limited only to vehicles equipped with
machine guns - no tanks, no planes, no missiles - so
as to guarantee the security of Israel.

Last but not least one of the economic principles of
the American project in Iraq is the privatization of
public institutions on the grounds that they are
incurring losses.  One of the direct disastrous
results of this is the cancellation of the social
guarantee and all the free services that were provided
under it, such as medical care, education, and paid
vacations.  Another disastrous result is that the
privatization will, as usual, be subject to bidding,
bribery, and patronage so that the group in the
Council of No-Accounts or their loyalists will be able
to buy shares, along with those elements of the Iraqi
regime that took advantage of the embargo and acquired
great wealth, and those who ran companies for the
regime like Mush'an al-Jabburi and others.  That is,
the fascist members of the former regime will return
to take control, but this time using the people's
earnings to do it.  The indications as to what the
American economic plan will mean have begun to become
clear in the rampant unemployment, hunger, and poverty
that are added to the nightmare of the occupation and
the loss of life and property that it entails.  It is
therefore not at all strange that the first
demonstration of the working class in occupied Iraq
would come out to denounce what is supposed to be the
Party of the Working Class, which betrayed them in
their time of trial in order to attain a position on a
council; thus the Party proved to be a loss of no
significance for the workers, a gain of no
significance for the council.

Workers and Peasants, Students!  Sons and daughters of
our great Iraqi People!

The excuses and explanations that we are now hearing
from Abu Raghal's bunch in the Iraqi Communist Party
as they try to justify their collaboration with the
occupation are just silly little patches that do not
and can never conceal the eternal shame that will
cling to them forever.  Their claims that they could
not stop the war and that states like France were not
able to prevent the attack on Iraq, and that the
occupation is a fact that must be dealt with within
its institutions, etc., etc.; all such claims are
completely and totally false.  The legacy of the
Communist Movement has been and still is built upon
the struggle for peace and the liberation of the
peoples, and not on aggression and occupation.  The
struggle of the Communist Movement does not and never
has included tools to be used by occupation
authorities - such as informers on national resistance
fighters, or such as the agreement under the terms of
which Hamid Majid joined Bremer's Council. The
Communists throughout the world were not able to stop
World Wars I and II, nor did they stop the occupations
of territory that took place during them.  But they
struggled against the two wars and took part, arms in
hand, in the liberation of the occupied countries.
The Lebanese Communist Party was not able to stop the
ravaging of Lebanon, but it took up arms together with
its brother patriotic parties and its members died as
martyrs until the Lebanese lands were cleared of the
occupier.  The United Nations has recognized that Iraq
is occupied and thereby legalized the armed national
resistance to it.  Our Party's media circulate
surreptitious messages when they change words like
"occupation forces" to "Coalition Forces" and the
occupation authorities to "authorities", and so on.
We, the Iraqi Communists, are completely innocent of
these sinister messages.  The expression "liberators
not conquerors" is not unfamiliar to us.  That is what
the British proclaimed to us in the 1920s.  We are
familiar with the experience of the peoples, none of
whom have been fooled by this kind of claim that "the
occupation is liberation".

Workers, Peasants, and Students!

Merchants! Tribes and ethnic groups of Iraq!

We Iraqi Communists do not and never have stood for
the occupier nor for any group that supports him.  The
occupation is our first enemy and we work with all our
energy to expel him.  We are with the Iraqi national
resistance with all its different ideological
tendencies.  We are with our honorable Iraqi people as
they heroically stand up to the occupier.  The
Governing Council, or any similar false body
established by the occupier, is in our view nothing
but a council of no-accounts conspiring with Paul

We loudly proclaim that no part of Iraq has any
special priority over any other.  All the Iraqi people
are one - the Arabs, Kurds, Assyrians, Turkomans,
Chaldeans, Muslims, Christians, Mandaeans, Yazidis -
all nationalities and ethnic groups.  This is one
people with one set of concerns, and on this basis its
land is one and permits no division into any monstrous
protectorates here or there whether under
administrative, federal, or ethnic signboards.

On this basis we call on you, sincerely:

- To place your full trust in the national resistance
and to provide it every assistance!

- Not to deal with the occupation authorities except
by totally rejecting them and rising in armed

- To start general strikes and demonstrations, so that
this might constitute the political arm of the
national resistance to the occupation!

Glory to Iraq!

Glory to the heroic resistance fighters!

Glory to all trends within the Iraqi Patriotic
Movement opposed to the occupation!

The Communist Party of Iraq (Cadre)

August 2003.
*Abu Raghal is a legendary traitor.  In pre-Islamic
times, when an Ethiopian army under the leadership of
Abraha set out to conquer Mecca and destroy the Kaaba
in the hopes that Arabs would make pilgrimages to a
Christian church instead, Abu Raghal served as
Abraha's guide to Mecca.

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