Camejo and the world working class

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Sat Aug 9 19:39:58 MDT 2003

> From: "Jose G. Perez" <jgperez at>
> Subject: RE: Camejo a "leading candidate"...
> CNN is still at it.
> Go here to see their write up and a picture gallery of candidates,
> including joke candidates Larry Flynt and Gary Coleman, but not, of
> course, Pedro Miguel Camejo.


You have to decide if you are part of the advanced world working class or
not.  Capitalism is a world system, not an American system.

The Green Party is not in the frame worldwide.

Where are "the relations between themselves and the capitalists and
landlords" in the world of the Greens?

"Let us sum it all up in a word. The working classes remain poor amid the
increase of wealth, wretched amid the increase of luxury. Their material
privation dwarfs their moral as well as their physical stature. They cannot
rely on others for a remedy. It has become then with them an imperative
necessity to take their own case in hand. They must revive the relations
between themselves and the capitalists and landlords, and that means they
must transform society. This is the general end of every known workmen's
organization; land and labor leagues, trade and friendly societies,
co-operative production are but means toward it. To establish a perfect
solidarity between these organizations is the business of the International

The call is for the end of the sectarianism generated by the dreadful fate
of our Russian comrades.  That was foreordained by the invasion by
imperialist troops and by the defeat of the German revolution.  We will take

The call is is also for rallying around worker independence and solidarity
between international working class organisations.  I am not going to tell
any American comrade what to do, but the slogan BTTHN  sounds to me American
patriotic (does it include British troops?  Don't just say yes as no British
left is using that slogan.  If it is supposed to include British etc. then
you have to talk to us rather than being an imperialist left and telling us
our slogans.  Would you have made the limp BTTHN call when the genocide
against native Americans was in full flood?)  Let me tell you, it sounds
like Americans backing American troops.  Buchanan uses the same slogan.

Now this tactic could be justified if you could be clear about your
audience.  But the international audience I've met (which isn't much) don't
see this slogan as worker internationalism, but as American chauvinism.

Do you see there is an issue here?  Huge numbers of people throughout the
world are radicalised against US government policy because of the invasion
of Iraq.  Yet because of the difficult situation in the US, perhaps comrades
there are bending the stick too far.  I'm not suggesting we must have one
slogan in all contexts.  At a rally of troops families, backing the slogan
BTTHN to move them on would be ok.  But in all contexts, even in the US, is
this the one slogan?

I'm suggesting that slogans and tactics ought to be designed with some
awareness of the world wide audience, the world wide working class.  However
deep you are (buried) in the Mid-west, the worldwide left press will report
your slogans.  BTTHN sounds just so Americans for Americans, which is what
the world hates.  Capitalism isn't a set of national systems put up against
each other, it is a world system mediated by nation states (most of which
are cracking under the irrationality of it all.)

The world wants American, British, every foreign troop out of everywhere.
And that's not even the working class (and I know British working class
troops have this naive idea that the army is for defence.  That, and their
class origins, is why they might be radicalised against their officers.  But
it is not a reason not to shoot them dead in Omagh (to choose a topical
place.)  I also know that the Army never recruited better than when the war
in Ireland was a hot war.  Think about that.)


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