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Ben C benj at
Sat Aug 9 21:44:28 MDT 2003

Richard Harris wrote:
I have spoken to other socialists in the last few weeks about the debates re
BTTHN on Marxmail.  Those conversations ground my comments.  You might like
to glance at the international socialist press to check that no one anywhere
(outside the US) is saying BTTHN. Most lefts just say shoot them.

It wouldn't make much sense, say, for the Nigerian or Canadian working class to raise the demand "bring the troops home now" since their government (last time I looked) had no troops in Iraq. But that's not the case for the US.

Richard Harris:
I grew
up in a British Army town and have a feel why lads will join the Army.  It's
not to support British imperialism.  It's because they are in shit alley (a
local phrase.)  They are poor, unemployed and poorly qualified.  They hope
the Army will give them a life.  It's sad shit.  But if they are against you
in Omagh, Belfast, Basra, Kosovo ~ you shoot them dead.  Or you lose.  The
world of Capital is shit.  We must end it.  How?  By saying BTTHN?  That is
the question I asked.

So comrades in the US should call for their own troops to be shot? What does this achieve? So much for winning over [sections of] the army.

That's not telling the Iraqi working class what to do. If their tactic is shooting US troops, it may well help US comrades achieve their goal of BTTHN. That's dialectics for you.

I don't think it's the job of US comrade to make slogans for other countries, nor for the whole world. They ought to fight their own bourgeoisie. I thought this was ABC -- or have I misunderstood you Richard?

Ben C

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