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Mark Lause MLause at
Sat Aug 9 22:49:06 MDT 2003

Cde. Richard,

If I understand you correctly, you are you asking how we in the U.S. can
justify organizing demonstrations around BTTHN?  It's certainly makes
what we want clear enough, because we do want the U.S. troops brought
home now.  It's certainly principled enough, because I don't think that
any of the occupied peoples and nations would disagree with such a
course of action.  The complaint that too many people accept the
legitimacy of the call argues for its use rather than against it.  Of
course, I'm also willing to hear serious arguments for alternatives, but
I've not heard much as clear or as principled.

You urged, "The world wants American, British, every foreign troop out
of everywhere."  Let's set aside what "the world" wants.  Doesn't this
concept takes on such universality that it inherently muddles as much as
it clarifies?  It's not clear on the face of it, whether U.K. soldiers
"foreign troops" in parts of the U.K....well, that's not entirely true.
It will be clearly understood to mean something different than we mean.

More to the point, Americans demonstrating around some variation of this
concept would essentially be telling Britain, Iraq, etc. what to do with
their troops.  When you boil it down, didn't George Bush Sr. act to get
the "foreign troops" out of Kuwait?

Mark L.

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