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Daru Rateau darurateau at
Sun Aug 10 05:09:36 MDT 2003

Richard Harris writes quite to the point:

>> how do American comrades justify these positions
give heightened anti-US capitalist / imperialist /
globalisation (?the lamest) struggles, especially in
 Iraq? The justifications for them seem to be
parocial.  These are very conservative positions even
to people in the UK  (so you can guess what it is
 like elsewhere.)  If you are going to take a
position no one else in the world would take (I think
I'm right here ~ I can't think of any marxists
anywhere who would support a Green-as-least-worst or
say BTTHN), it needs to be explained beyond your
local politics.  No one has done that.<<

And I don't think anyone will, Richard. Note, first,
BTTHN didn't seem to seem to activate anyone until
there was a war on (notwithstanding the fact that a
large portion of the US military is permanently
deployed overseas and the US government extracts
payments from countries like Germany and Japan for
their quartering). Note, second, how much of a
fantasy it is for anyone to believe that the
situation (with no draft at that) is going to be
affected by calling for the troops to come home and
somehow hoping that this is an appeal to the troops
to do something as well. It's pure fantasy of a
people who can not affect what their federal
government actually does and nothing else. As Stan
Goff might say, it's not about morality and ideals.


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