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Sun Aug 10 10:37:43 MDT 2003

dms wrote:
> One thing and one thing only.  Three decades ago BTTHN failed. It failed to
> end the war.  It failed to shorten the war.  It failed to reduce the
> savagery of the war.  The troops were brought home.  The war continued.
> That's a failure.  That's a failure of the leadership that argued BTTHN was
> the "right" "non-sectarian" slogan.

again forgive me if i'm not responding to this thread appropriately...

I think it's important to remember that it is _not_ US or international
demonstrations that end wars. Three decades ago the _Viet Namese people_
ended a brutal war against them. Yes, we helped by supporting them.
However, though our solidarity is vitally important, ultimately it will
be up to the Iraqi people to end the current war against them.
Unfortunately there is no working class leadership capable of leading
the masses yet.

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