Operation Duck Hook

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Sun Aug 10 13:48:43 MDT 2003

Well, if you insist...

""I thought about the irony of this protest
for peace. It had, I believed, destroyed whatever small possibility may
still have existed of ending the war in 1969. "

The Moratorium had undermined the November 1 ultimatum partly by
encouraging the North Vietnamese to hang on during the initial phase of
Duck Hook in the knowledge that strong American opposition to it was
guaranteed. The likelihood of a quick little victory--one of those swift
military operations the American people always went for--had thus gone way
down. And a longer attack was sure to engender enormous opposition.


Re. Duck Hook--

The war continued until 1975.  It included tremendous destruction of
Cambodia and parts of Laos, horrific concentration and expansion of US
conducted, supplied, organized, supported air and artillery attacks. Massive
armament supply and resupply of the govt. of SVN, so much so that after
1973, a  major portion of weapons being sold to various "liberation fronts"
etc, were weapons stockpiled by the SV govt. and sold by its great
democratic civil and military officers.

The troops were home.  The war continued.  The reason the protest movement
even had the impact it did was the fact that the US had lost control of the
battlefield and the casualty rate inflicted on US ground forces by the NVA
was unacceptable to the US population.

Samey-same right now.  Casualties on US forces are unacceptable  Samey same
for the future.  Bring the troops home and bring the Iraqis "death from
above," and the anti-war movement will go the way of its predecessor, and if
it doesn't it will be because of the work inside and outside the US of those
who don't say BTTHN, but Troops Out, No Military/Corporate presence in the

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