The world working class

Jose G. Perez jgperez at
Sun Aug 10 11:22:39 MDT 2003

Ben asks, "So comrades in the US should call for their own troops to be

NO!!! You don't get Richard's point. Comrades in the U.S. should call on
British troops being shot. Comrades in Europe have the honor of calling
for the American troops to be shot. That way everyone stays clear of
social patriotic demands like demanding your own imperialism get the
fuck out of whatever country it is invading right now in a way that
regular working people can understand and that can mobilize them and
therefore has a chance of making a real difference, which would, of
course, compromise our revolutionary virginity. 

(See his comments on the Greens for more on the evil of parties not that
did not issue from virgin births, and are contaminated with the original
sin of calling themselves "Green" if you need further clarification on
this point).


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