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David McDonald dbmcdonald at
Sun Aug 10 11:38:33 MDT 2003

DMS writes:

Samey-same right now.  Casualties on US forces are unacceptable  Samey same
for the future.  Bring the troops home and bring the Iraqis "death from
above," and the anti-war movement will go the way of its predecessor, and if
it doesn't it will be because of the work inside and outside the US of those
who don't say BTTHN, but Troops Out, No Military/Corporate presence in the

David McDonald responds:

I am not aware of any significant political current or section of the
American people who have adopted the slogan: "Troops Out, No
Military/Corporate presence in the GULF." If there were, your arguments on
this point would deserve attention, which they really do not as things
stand. But there are thousands (I venture, from the existence of printed
signs, homemade posters, etc.) who have adopted the BTTHN slogan. You wish
to quarrel with the people whom you think are in the streets supporting
imperialism(!) by calling to Bring the Troops Home Now. Your opponents on
this thread wish to join with them.

It is monumental bloodymindedness (translation for Americans: willful
stupidity) to imagine that because BTTHN was not literally accomplished
overnight that it had no impact, or, as your latest posts alleges, actually
lengthened the war. The US government did not go out of business just
because it lost the war. It dragged it out so as to give the ARVN troops a
chance to lose it on their own and provide cover. And those weapons the ARVN
sold: they weren't used in Vietnam because everybody on the US side,
including the ARVN, was looking for an exit strategy and turning everything
they could into cash.

Thanks to Yoshi for her thoughtful post illustrating where this slogan
originates and finds resonance.

David McDonald

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